History of Merlot

Merlot is the name of a red grape which traces its ancestry to the biturica variety. This was brought to France in the first century. From this stock came many of the varieties we know today - Cabernet, Malbec, and so on. The "Merlot" grape was not named as a distinct variety until the 1800s. It is known as a Noble Bordeaux varietal.

Merlot is not well suited for long aging, so until recently the wine made from merlot grapes was used solely as a blending wine. Soft and compliant, it was used to mix with Cabernet in the French Bordeaux wines. It would bring a more mellow aspect to these wines.

Recently, merlot has been discovered as a delicious wine in its own right. It is being grown for that purpose primarily in California and Chile, and in a few other wine regions. It tends to be more tolerant of soil conditions than a Cabernet vine is, and while it buds earlier, it also can be harvested earlier.

Not quite as harsh as other reds, merlot has less tannin than a Cabernet and can therefore be drunk earlier. It is mellow but still complex, a bit chewy. Merlot is known for the flavors of plums, black cherry, violets, and orange. It is a perfect match for beef and other medium-heavy dishes. Try some with a rich, red pasta dish, or even a heavy chicken dish. Merlot is also an excellent compliment to chocolate.

U.S. Merlot
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